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Peach State forces on the move

January 6, 2003

Undated-- Georgia troops are leaving their bases and boarding aircraft likely heading to the Persian Gulf. At Fort Benning, 300 soldiers proudly marched in front of their families to deployment headquarters.

There they finalized paperwork, checked supplies and said their final "Goodbyes" to their loved ones. The exact destination of the troops is classified, but here's what we do know.

The soldiers who are part of Fort Benning’s 3rd Brigade should be on a bus right now bound for Warner Robins Air Force Base. There they will board a plane which could put them in place for a possible war with Iraq.

The troops tell us they are a frontline battalion with tanks and artillery men. Thousands of others are scheduled to leave Fort Benning throughout the week.

Some Atlanta area Army reservists are also preparing for a possible war with Iraq. They arrived at Fort Stewart Sunday morning, and within weeks they could be sent to the Persian Gulf.

We haven't seen troops moved to the Gulf like this since before Operation Desert Storm, 13 years ago. And now it's looking more and more like war is about to happen again.

Reservists attached to the 427th Medical Battalion got a big send off at Fort Gillem in Atlanta. They could be gone a year or longer. The unit is one of ten reserve medical battalions nationwide.

South Georgia military personnel prepare for deployment to the Mideast. Pararescue jumpers are preparing to leave Moody Air Force Base. Units from Moody include the 38th and 71st Rescue Squadrons and the 41st Helicopter Squadron.

Neither the number of people involved, nor the time table for deployment has been announced.

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