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Marijuana still top illegal drug in Albany

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Drug agents say marijuana is still the number one illegal drug in South Georgia.

We frequently hear about large indoor growing operations that officers uncover.

Well now is the prime outdoor growing season in south Georgia.

And law enforcers say most of the marijuana they seize comes from Mexico. Drug agents say the economic hard times aren't slowing down the drug market in South Georgia and around the country. And more of the marijuana that fuels that market is coming in across the Mexican Border.

Albany Dougherty Drug Unit Commander Major Bill Berry says marijuana is still the number one drug of choice on Albany streets.

 Berry said "We see a lot of coke and cocaine here in Albany. We see meth and a lot of pills, but marijuana. no matter where you are, seems to be one of the main staples that continues to be out there."

This 13 and a quarter pound block of marijuana, headed to Albany streets, came across the Mexican Border. Drug agents say they are seeing more dealers abandoning the local grow houses this year, and instead buying dope in metro Atlanta, the distribution center in the Southeast.

Berry said "We still see this coming in, going into Atlanta. A source city, coming out and being distributed out. People driving to Atlanta or Metro Atlanta to get this."

Berry says he has no arrest figures to back him up, but he expects during these bad economic times more desperate people will turn to drug sales for cash.

Berry said "The easy money until you get caught. Anytime anything goes, you look for a kind of resource to make money, people are actually switching over and getting involved in that."

And that is why drug agents say they continue to make marijuana busts.

Major Berry has been back as ADDU Commander for about two months now.

He says agents make many of their arrests and gather leads from traffic stops.

In fact, he tells us that drug agents see people every single day driving around Albany with marijuana in their cars.  He doesn't see any end to the marijuana problem in our area.


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