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Perdue says no to confederate emblem

January 5, 2003

Albany- Governor-elect Sonny Perdue has banned his supporters from waving the former state flag when he's sworn into office on January 13th. A spokesperson for Perdue says the ban is for security reasons.

Now South Georgians speak out about the issue. "Whether it's Black, White, Chinese or what have you, people are people and everybody's going to have ideas, and the only way that you're going to be able to get them all on the table is to come together. he just needs to be more open-minded," says Ray Carter.

"Perdue got voted in because of that and people came out and voted for him and supported him. If he doesn't stand behind them in four years he'll be gone as well," exclaims Donny Connell.

During his campaign Perdue accused Barnes of passing the new flag without consulting the voters. The Governor-elect also proposed holding a referendum for a new state flag.

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