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Driving test gets tougher

January 4, 2003

Albany- The lines are always long at the Department of Motor Vehicle Safety. Dozens of South Georgians wait to get their license, but for some applicants it will be a little more difficult.

"I just hope I pass it," says 19 year old, Jeremy Merritt.

All new applicants will be required not only to pass series of maneuvers in the parking lot, but now they must venture out into real traffic for an on the road test as well.

"You're very nervous. I took it the other day, but I got so nervous I turned the wrong way," admits 18 year old Dallas Dunn.

"Once they get on the highway we have a more extensive road test through major intersections. We have so many left turn requirements, so many right turn requirements, and of course we'll be observing all their skills they perform...turn signals, proper stopping," explains Driver's License post Chief, Susan McCorkle.

Even if you've had a license before, and you must retake the driving test, you will have to pass the on the road portion. A rule South Georgians have mixed feelings about.

"I think it should be a different test because if you've got experience then you already know," says William McNorton, who is reapplying for his license. "To see that they're asking them to do more to get a license means they have to work harder, so they've got to be better prepared," claims Sam Bass, father of a new driver.

Also a new addition to the test is parallel parking, something many South Georgians haven't had to do. If you're nervous about the new testing requirements examiners have a few pointers.

"Practice parallel. Get their parents or any adults, if you haven't parallel parked get out there and practice because that is one of the big things that's now on the test," says Driving Examiner Linjalynn Groover.

If you need to take the complete on-the-road driving test you must make a reservation before you can take it. To make an appointment call 866-754-3687 from 7 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday. The call is toll free.

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