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Bloodhound breeder visits her "puppies"

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A Florida woman who provides bloodhounds used by law enforcement and search and rescue teams across the country is in Albany this week. She showed how remarkable her dogs are.

Pam Andrews is well known by search and rescue teams and law enforcement from Florida to North Dakota, because she has donated hundreds of bloodhounds she bred to agencies across the country. This month she is traveling the nation visiting her dogs.

Pam Andrews has bred bloodhounds like this at her kennel in Lake Butler, Florida since 1988, and has donated more than 200 of her beloved puppies to search and rescue teams and law enforcement agencies across the country. This summer she is traveling to visit them.

Andrews said "I've been on vacation visiting the puppies that are working in Alabama, Mississippi, New Mexico, Wyoming, Bismarck, North Dakota, Illinois. All over the country."

Andrews' bloodhounds are credited with finding more than 100 kids in Florida alone. She says the Police Officers need training to use the dogs, but her bloodhounds are born with their tracking ability .

Andrews said "The dogs, they start tracking at 2 weeks old. Because they track the Mom to find the food. By the time they leave my home, they start working like at 8 weeks, the officer starts training."

Andrews proves it with Binx, a six month old female bloodhound. With Binx down the street, she has a woman stand on the sidewalk, and then walk away and hide. Then she shows Binx that spot.

Andrews said "There's probably been about 25 people through that shop today with dogs, and she did not pay attention to all those scents. She just knew what she was looking for from where she was standing. And knew that was who she had to go find."

Andrews is proud of her bloodhounds, who have found many lost kids and alzheimer patients across the nation and she says they all remember her as she travels to visit them.

Andrews is in Albany visiting two of her puppies, now owned by Joey Adams at Pampered Pets.

Andrews is working with two groups started by parents of kidnapped children, Child Protection Education of America, and the Jimmy Ryce Foundation, that help provide search bloodhounds to communities and help find missing kids.


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