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Boy killed by dogs



January 3, 2003

Thomas County - A pack of dogs mauled and killed a Thomasville boy. The boy was playing outside a relative's home in Thomas County when he was attacked Thursday.

Humane Society Executive Director, Pat Smith, says, "I never would have thought it would have been a Great Dane that would have did this."

Thomas County Investigators just got crime lab results back and have linked the attack to the Great Dane and a Black Lab. Those two dogs will be euthanized. A third dog seen nearby may also be put to sleep.

The boy's relative saw the Great Dane shaking the seven-year-old in the dog's mouth. The autopsy shows the boy died from blunt force trauma to his head and neck.

Pit bulls have a reputation of being the vicious dogs, they've been known to bite and even kill people. Smith says, "That's what really surprised me. I've had a feeling for years something bad's gonna happen one day, some way, some how, always thought with pit bulls." But, not this time, the Great Dane is considered a killer. She says, "Ever since we've had him at shelter, nothing but friendly."

The Great Dane has been in the Thomas County Humane Society since yesterday, after he was caught attacking a Thomasville boy named Jeremy Beckwith. Thomas County Chief Investigator, Lt. Tim Watkins explains, "They were loose in the yard at the time of the attack."

The 7-year-old boy was visiting Timothy Adams' home on Rabkkn Lane. Watkins says, "The child had been staying with him and he let him outside to play and told him to stay in the yard. Believed the child wondered over next door to Mr. Singletary's residents where dogs were."

Beckwith didn't survive the mauling of Jarrod Singletary's Great Dane. Investigators still don't know why the Great Dane and Black Lab attacked and killed the little boy. Now, a danger sign hangs on their Humane Society cage, his fate unknown. Smith says, "You don't know what made this animal snap the way he did."

Singletary's other dog, a Chesapeake Bay, is also being held. The Humane Society doesn't plan to take action against Singletary, because they've never had any complaints about the dogs being vicious prior to the attack.

Thomas County and Thomasville both have leash laws. Animals have to be on a leash, in a pen or inside a building. The Sheriff's office will give their case file to the District Attorney's office to determine if charges will be filed against the dog's owner.

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