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Music market sings the blues



January 3, 2002

Albany-- Did you buy any new music this year? If you didn't, you are not alone. C.D. sales plunged by nearly nine percent in 2002.

Local music stores are suffering, wondering how to compete with free music on the Internet. The "Hot" wall has been luke warm this year at Peppermint Music Store in Albany.

"Our sales last year dropped compared to 2001," says Keith Simmons. Sales plunged ten percent last year at the store. Now, it's a buyers market-- with reduced prices on many of the best sellers.

But even the low prices can't compare with the best price-- zero dollars and zero cents. "I think burning C.D.'s is cheaper but kinda stealing-- I wouldn't do it personally," says Store Manager Chinita Williams.

Lots of people are doing it, and it's costing the music industry millions of dollars. "I do wish they would stop burning, its affecting the customers it's affecting the workers at Peppermint Music and other stores," said customer Barbara Arterson.

There were some surprise hits in 2002. Elvis Presley's "Top 30 Hits" was a big seller. But one person topped the King-- rapper Eminem. His C.D. "The Eminem Show" was the biggest commercial hit of 2002, selling 7.6 million copies.

Country music was the only genre to post an increase in sales last year, rising twelve percent over 2001 levels.

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