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Day care costs are going up

January 3, 2003

Albany- Many South Georgia parents say they have no choice but to put their children in daycare centers, because they have to work, and some parents, like Teresa Wentworth, say it seems as if their entire checks are used just to pay daycare.

Wentworth says, "The cost is a major disadvantage. It takes two people to work to pay for the cost of daycare, and the cost of living is just so high." Wentworth has two kids who go to daycare center after school, and she says she pays about four hundred dollars every month.

Wentworth adds, "With four kids, I had two in daycare before, and I can see the difference from when they went to now." Kim Sims says she notices the difference in costs too, which is one of the reasons why her son goes to an in-home day care center.

Sims says, "My child has physical limitations, and he gets more one-on-one attention, and it's cheaper than other day care centers." Josephine Anderson owns Wee Care Day Care Center in Albany, and she says while she doesn't like to raise her prices, she has to stay in business.

Anderson says, "It's just like any other business. It costs a lot to operate a daycare." Anderson also says, "Personnel is the biggest expense of the daycare program. It's hiring qualified staff and paying the staff that is the hardest thing."

Communities in Schools executive director, Barbara Logan, says there are other resources for parents. Logan says, "One thing a lot of people are not aware of is that the school system has an extended day program that stays open until six."

While this solution may not loosen your pockets, many parents say it's a good idea to search around and find the lowest prices.

Teresa Wentworth says she would love to send her kids to an in home daycare center, but she says those day care centers are hard to find and not as visible as chain day care centers.

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