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Flu vaccine is in demand

January 2, 2002

Albany- It's that time of the year, when the weather gets colder, and more people are worried about the flu. Dougherty County Health Department Immunization Coordinator, Suzette Profit, says her office has been flooded with thousands of people getting flu shots.

Some people refuse to get the vaccine because they think it will make them get sick. Profit says this is a myth.

Dr. Craig Smith, medical director, of Phoebe Putney's Infectious Disease Center says the mortality rate is much lower in people who have the vaccination, and he says there are certain groups that definitely should get a flu shot each year. He says people over sixty-five and women who may be pregnant should get the shot.

So if you're experiencing bad headaches, body aches and you have an extreme fever, go see a doctor because you may have the flu.

You can get a flu shot at the Dougherty County Health Department for fifteen dollars.

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