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Kids get fatter



January 2, 2003

ALBANY - It's the most common new year's resolution, spend more time in the gym, but what about getting your whole family healthy? According to a new American heart Association report, it's something you should really consider. a growing number now 15 percent of both kids age 6 to 11, and 12 to 19 are obese.

"Starts at home with parents providing positive role model eating and exercising," Danny McCarty said.

Something you'll find Westover Senior Levi Bowen doing at least twice a week, for one very good reason.

"I use to be overweight myself, until I started lifting and finally got in shape," Bowen said.

At Albany's YMCA they see many children, but not all of them come to them in the best shape.

"We give them fitness analysis test, to see how fit they are, help set goals and achieve them." McCarty said. "It may be losing weight, but basically they want to have fun."

They say the most important thing is getting kids started as early as you can ,however you can, that's why at the YMCA they try to make it easy for them.

"We have youth exercise class for 6 to 13-year olds, running, doing pushups," McCarty said.

Health professionals hope that if they can combine the exercise, with better diets, kids will not only be healthier later in life, but feel better about themselves. Something the once chubby Bowen, but now standout football and soccer player knows all about.

"It's not where you start but where you finish," he said.

And as resolutions go, there's no better chance for kids or adults to get healthier, than the first of the year. A new session of physical activity classes begins at the YMCA Monday, January 6th.

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