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Two South Georgians have more in common than they thought

January 1, 2002

Albany- Hundreds of people go to Tony's Fitness Center each week, with different backgrounds, histories and jobs. They all come to burn calories and tone up, never thinking that while they may be different in appearance, they are very similar in experience

Two people we talked to have more in common than they ever thought they would. Billy Hall and Alisha Scott say when they looked in the mirror they didn't feel or look good, so now they are making changes.

Alisha Scott is in her late twenties and a working professional. She says after suffering from hypertension, she knew it was time to get in shape. Scott says as an African-American she worries about hypertension reoccurring because of it's prevalence among African-Americans.

Billy Hall says after seeing his brother die from a serious health condition, he made a new connection that he says saved his life. Scott and Hall woke up bright and early just to start the new year off right, celebrating lifestyle changes one calorie at a time.

Alisha and Billy say they will continue to work towards becoming healthier individuals, and they say it's more than a resolution, they're determined to make it last.

Alisha and Danny say instead of fries and burgers, they have healthier diets, too. They eat lots of vegetables and drink plenty of water.

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