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First baby of 2003

January 1, 2003

ALBANY - Not even an hour old and already a celebrity, nurses at Phoebe record their first birth of the year, 7- pound 7-ounce Zachary Nathaniel Robinson.

"Mother and baby are doing well, delivery was uneventful, exciting bring new baby into the world,"  Dr. Bill George, Obstetrician said.  

Bringing in the new year for the Robinson family, but when they started for the hospital well into Monday morning, they did not think their second child, would be the year's first.

"Crossed our mind that it would be neat if he was the first baby, but didn't think this late in the day he would be," his mother Rachel said.   

The boy was born at 11:42, but was obviously still anxious to be the year's first born, He was delivered 10 days ahead of schedule, and before many other mothers who had been waiting in their delivery rooms for longer.

Despite all the hype, the Robinsons say they would have loved him the same if he were born yesterday or tomorrow, but there is one advantage.

"We'll never forget his birthday," Dad Antione said. "he's our second boy just as special as the first," his mother replied. 

The family is now anxious to introduce Zachary to his big brother one-and a half year old Joshua.

The Robinsons were joined by a friend and Rachel's mom, who made it just in time for the delivery after driving up from Florida this morning.

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