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APD Officer's bullet proof vest saves from knife attack

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany Police officer's bullet proof vest saves him from a knife weilding assailant.

The officer was stabbed five or six times in the chest with a kitchen knife. But he wasn't hurt thanks to his bullet proof vest.

Patrolman McKinley Windom said he was lucky, but obviously his training and quick thinking showed when a man suddenly attacked him with a steak knife inside a crowded room at a Nursing Home. He and a fellow officer were able to arrest him without anyone but the assailant suffering any injury.

Patrolman McKinley Windom, on the left, and Patrolman Jerry Franklin are all smiles today, after their teamwork kept them safe. They were called to Palmyra Nursing Home yesterday afternoon, to remove an unwanted guest. Without warning 47 year old Marion Sweet pulled a steak knife from his pocket and attacked Windom.

Windom said "He stabbed me several times. It hit my vest more than it hit me."

It turns out Sweet was wanted for probation violation, and the Officers told him he was under arrest.

Patrolman Jerry Franklin said "So he said he wasn't going to jail. We would have to shoot him."

Windom pulled his gun, but he was in a small room with three other people and the attacker.  Too crowded to shoot, so he holstered his gun and fought for his life.

 Windom said "He actually touched my skin, but it didn't penetrate because during the struggle I was pushing him back to keep him from stabbing me. But I'm just lucky. My vest did help, but it could have gone the other way at anytime. I thank God it didn't go that way."

Windom and Franklin disarmed and handcuffed Sweet, and said it's all just part of their job.

 Windom said "Hopefully you can do the best you can to protect yourself and protect the community, the people who are around."

 Franklin said "Our motto everyday is to go home, because we have family. And these people we are serving have families. They want to be protected."

Even after the attack, both Officers Windom and Franklin said they love their job, and not even something like this would make them think about leaving law enforcement. Both are Albany natives, and are proudly protecting their hometown.

Marion Sweet suffered scuffed knees as he fought the officers as they put him in the Patrol Car.

He was treated at the scene by E-M-S and is in the Dougherty County Jail tonight charged with aggravated assault.


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