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Cure and prevent a hangover

December 31, 2002

Albany - Wednesday morning many New Years party goers will ring in the New Year with a aching head. But, we have some hangover cures you can follow to lessen the pain.

The Medicine Man, Dr. Charlie Rouse, says drinking Gatorade will replenish electrolytes. The more water and fruit juices you drink the better. Skip pretzels because they make you thirstier.

Dr. Rouse also warns people not to take aspirin or Tylenol before drinking. He explains, "Prior to, during and after, aspirin is not going to be good for the stomach, but Tylenol especially. It has to go through the detoxification through the liver. People with liver problems will get more liver damage when they do that."

Also, drink slowly. Chicken or Beef Bouillon is the perfect breakfast meal to replenish salts. Of course, the full-proof way to avoid a hangover is not to drink at all.

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