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Cab drivers busy picking up drunks

December 31, 2002

Albany - If you ring in the New Year with alcohol, cab drivers hope you give them a ring. Cab Dispatcher, Gwendolyn Garner, says, " It's not really busy, but later on tonight we expect it to get very busy."

Drivers say it's a lot cheaper to call a cab than get a DUI. Bartenders, waitresses, cab drivers and bondsmen are expected to be busier than normal New Years Eve.

If you get caught drinking and driving, you'll be put in jail and paying a lot more than a cab fare. Cab drivers urge you to give them a call to save money and possibly a life.

New Years partiers are already making reservations at Albany Cab. Garner says, "We have customers call in and give directions. If they have someone they need to go home, we'll already have directions and take them home."

Cab Driver Henry Wright is used to picking up drunks. He says, "Good, bad and ugly drunks. Some nice, some can be a pain."

If you get a DUI, depending on the judges decision, it could cost you a thousand dollars or more to get out of jail. Faircloth Bonding Bondsman, Arthur Handley, says, "First offense is in thousand dollar range, second and third they are higher."

That's real expensive compared to a short cab ride. Wright says, "Three dollars." While picking up those who had a few too many,Wright also has to dodge drunk drivers. He explains, "I be real careful, keep eyes peeled. Never take eyes off road."

Drinking and driving is deadly, and if you don't call a cab or get a designated driver, that's if you survive, you could end up spending the first day of 2003 behind bars.

The Faircloth Bonding Service in Albany says their business will vary Tuesday night, it depends on how smart drinkers are during New Years Eve.

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