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The next step in airline security



December 31, 2002

Albany- Airports across the nation used new explosive detection devices for the first time Tuesday, and here in Albany the new security measure added only 10 minutes to most passengers' wait.

The machine worked smoothly at the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport today. The device scans checked baggage for bombs, and screeners hand search many bags as well. The installation of the explosive detection devices are the last in a long list of security measures mandated by the Transportation Security Administration.

"The TSA set a goal of 10 minutes for security screening per passenger. We have met that goal here in Albany so far," said Federal Security Director Quinten Johnson.

"I didn't mind the screening at all. I was fairly quick and easy," said passenger Donna Metreger.

TSA spokeswoman Chris Rhatigan says some of the smaller airports won't have equipment in time, but hand-held screening devices and specially trained dogs will do the job.

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