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Berrien Sheriff's Dept. receives seized funds

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December 31, 2002

Nashville - Construction on the new Berrien County jail is underway thanks to $2.4 million in illegal funds from the case of the United States versus William "Buck" Pegg.

"It's going to have a 72-bed capacity as opposed to 26 that we have now, be a complete law enforcement complex, and really just a state of the art facility," said Berrien County Sheriff Jerry Brogdon.

Sheriff Brogdon said a new jail has been at the top of the county's need list for years, and this money will help provide for the new facility while saving taxpayers money and improving the county's safety system.

"We're one of the 32 counties in Georgia that doesn't have a 911 center, and with this new facility, we'll be able to create a center and house it there," said Brogdon.

The money has also been used to provide tools for county deputies. "I bought them all Southern Link radios, new Glock pistols, and purchased six new law enforcement vehicles," said Brogdon.

This is the largest amount of money the Berrien County Sheriff's Department has every been awarded, and Sheriff Brogdon promises the department will use the funds to better protect and serve its citizens.

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