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Bank robbery suspect drinks beer during chase

The suspected Albany bank robber led almost 30 Police units on a high speed chase after he was spotted in Warwick. It ended in Cordele.

And it turns out he was drinking beer while he was trying to get away.

45 year old Neomon Daniels of Decatur is in the Dougherty County jail  charged with robbery by intimidation. His 15 minute long high speed run from the Cops, sometimes at speeds of 100 miles an hour, put scores of people in danger.

The man who robbed the East Albany S. B. and T. bank about 3:30 Tuesday afternoon drove away in a Gold 2009 Gold Chevrolet Tahoe. A Worth County Sheriff's Deputy spotted it on Highway 300 in Warwick. The Tahoe took off when the Deputy turned on his blue lights. Crisp County Sheriff's Deputies and Warwick Police officers joined the chase. With numerous patrol cars behind him, the driver went around Police stop sticks, sharp instruments to blow out his tires, at Raines Station Road. This is Crisp County Deputy Kenny Purvis patrol car footage. Watch as he roars by the other officers and the Tahoe, rushing ahead to block off Old Albany Road, trying to keep the Tahoe on Highway 300.

But the Tahoe goes around the road block in the grass, heading down Old Albany Road toward Cordele.

The suspect avoided another attempt to blow out his tires when he goes down through the ditch and across a field before getting back on the road.

Deputy Kenny Purvis radioes in "about 100 miiles per hour, headed to town."

The Tahoe and officers pass a number of cars at high speed. Another attempt to stop stick the Tahoe at 24th Avenue misses, and the Tahoe roars into Cordele.

Purvis radioes "All units be advised, we are in city."

The Tahoe turns off into city streets and starts blowing through stop signs running from 19th to 41st Street, at one turn he goes through a yard going around Cop cars trying to block him in.

Dozens of law enforcement officers try to block him in as the wild chase continues up and down city streets, then down the 12th Avenue alley. Finally after 15 minutes he turns from 19th Avenue onto 15th Street, the Tahoe runs out of gas and coasts into a Georgia State Patrol and Cordele Police car blockade.

But the suspect is not through, he jumps out of the car and runs. A Worth County Deputy and Cordele Police Officer right on his heels. A block away he was tased by two officers, and the chase was over.

Neomon Daniels was taken into custody. Police say he had 34 hundred dollars in one pocket, and the bank robbery note he gave the teller in the other pocket. They did not find any weapon, but they did find something else.

Crisp County Chief Deputy Billy Hancock said "He had a beer, so at some point in time he stopped and started partaking of alcoholic beverages."

Daniels has not talked to Investigators since his arrest, but Law Enforcement says they are most happy that they all worked together so well to make the arrest without anyone being injured.

Hancock said "I think overall everyone did an excellent job."

Daniels has a number of theft and forgery convictions dating back to 1989 in metro Atlanta and Richmond County. Deputies say he recently bought the Chevrolet Tahoe, and owed $71,000 in the loan for the car. That could be the motive behind the bank robbery.

Daniels is in the Dougherty County jail.

The Crisp County Sheriff's Office also filed numerous traffic charges against him.

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