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Lanier County investigators cease marijuana plants

By Robin Jedlicka - bio | email

LANIER COUNTY, GA (WALB) - A citizen's tip led Lanier County investigators to a grove of marijuana plants concealed in a wooded area off Kirkland Road

There were over two dozens plants, valued at over $30,000.   While the marijuana was seized, the culprits are still out there.

"It's currently under investigation as far as who actually planted that small grove," says David Fawcett of the Lanier County Sheriffs Office. 

While this bust may be significant, it's far from uncommon.  This year, Lanier County investigators have seized a record amount of marijuana.

"We've seized over 125 lbs. of marijuana," says Sgt. Ed Yarbrough.  "At the high-end of the spectrum, each plant's worth about $4,500."

It's that high cash return that has more and more people choosing to sell drugs.  Many see it as a short-term solution for their financial losses.

"As far as the grow houses with the marijuana, I think everybody we've arrested that have talked to us have said they're just trying to make ends meet," says Yarbrough. 

Investigators are also seeing more crack, cocaine, and meth.

"We're also seeing more increase in the meth labs, also. I think we've seized four of them in the last year-and-a-half," Yarbrough says. 

The Sheriff's office is teaming up with agencies like the GBI to fight the problem.  They hope to educate the public, showing them that drug trade will only lead to jail time.

"The lure of what they think is an easy buck is not really easy," says Investigator Fawcett. 

"The majority of them will get caught sooner or later.  It's inevitable. It's going to happen," adds Yarbrough. 

While investigators continue to seek those responsible for the latest drug bust, they view any drugs taken off the street as a victory.


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