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Garbage pick-up could be changing



December 30, 2002

The City of Albany has hired a new company to handle 12,000 homes west of Slappey Boulevard. That means garbage day will be different for many people starting next week.

Once a week, the garbage men pick up your household trash--a service that costs you $17.75 cents a month. That price will not go up when Onyx Waste Management takes over for Hauling Refuse.

"We hope to maintain the level of service Onyx has agreed a level good or better that Hauling Refuse, and if the rates low, service good, its a win-win," said Albany Phil Roberson of Albany Public Works.

Onyx has brought all new equipment to Albany. No longer will you see a three man team picking up the garbage. It only takes one man to do the work of three with Onyx's state of the art automated trucks. "By going with the automated trucks allows us to put more labor on the yard waste side, which I understand was an issue in the past," says  Onyx General Mgr. Greg Walk.

Customers lodged complaints aganist Hauling Refuse in past years, and Onyx hopes to correct those problems with better equipment and training. "We are training right now hope to hit the streets with a smooth transition," Walk said.

For the past several weeks, Onxy employees have hit the streets, placing stickers on customers garbage bins. Your new trash pick up day is on the sticker.

  • Here's the new pick-up schedule:

If your trash is picked up Monday, Thursday or Friday, your collection day stays the same.

For Tuesday pick-up, your collection day will change only for those who live west of Nottingham. Everyone else will stay the same.

If your garbage is collected on Wednesday, your collection day will change, and the new day is on that sticker.

If you have any questions, call the Onyx office at 639-2814. This does not effect yard waste pick-up days, which will remain the same for all customers.

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