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Customers crowd package store for New Years

December 30, 2002

Albany - The last day of the year is always the busiest day of the year for package stores. New Year's customers are already lining up to toast in 2003.

The Warehouse package store in Albany is taking care of a constant flow of New Year's customers. Manager, Larry Pearson, says, "Very busy, very busy, quit a bit busier earlier."

Alcohol sales of all types go up this time of year, but champagne seems to be preferred choice to toast in the season. Pearson suggests, "Moet White Star, $29.99. Good price, excellent champagne."

Extra workers are also on hand to lend a helping hand. Pearson explains, "We bring in part timers to work holidays for us, college kids. Beefed up staff quit a bit."

Warehouse worker, Glen Thomas, says, "New Years Eve is the hardest day of the year. Its rival is probably Christmas Eve, if not more."

While most of these customers will toasting in 2003, these workers will be too tired to ring in the New Year. Thomas says, "Exhausted."

Warehouse workers say Tuesday's alcohol sales will probably double from Monday's sales. The Warehouse closes only 15 minutes before the clock strikes midnight.

If you plan to drink, remember to do it responsibly. If you do drink, don't drive.

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