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Explosive detectors installed at airport



December 30, 2002

Valdosta - A new explosive trace device means increased safety but longer lines for airline travelers at the Valdosta Regional Airport. Transportation Safety officials recommend passengers arrive an hour and a half before their flight leaves, and follow a few safety tips to reduce their waiting times.

"You should have your baggage unlocked so we can search faster, don't carry any film in your luggage because it could be exposed in the machine, and you might want to put your things in plastic bags because it just makes things go faster and we don't have to touch your personal belongings," said Quinten Johnson, Federal Security Director.

But despite the inconvenience, passengers say the sense of security is worth the hassle.

"Even though I am having to wait in line, if we didn't have things like this, something could happen like it did last September," said Roger Pfieffer, Passenger.

The installment of the new ETD machines is the Valdosta Airport's last step in meeting all security requirements mandated by the TSA.

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