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Fire department warns about charity calls

December 30, 2002

Albany -- Albany Fire Department officials are warning you about telemarketers asking for donations. Two people have notified the Fire Department they received calls from the Professional Fire Fighters of Georgia. One received this letter, asking for donations.

 The company from Stone Mountain says it will use the money for death benefits for fire fighters and scholarship programs.

But Assistant Fire Chief James Carswell said the company has never given anything to the Albany Fire Department. "It may be a legal organization collecting money, but it does not benefit anybody locally" said Carswell. So you are telling people to watch out? Carswell said "It goes true for anything when someone call you on the phone and asks you for money. It's to your best interest to check out the organization before you make that contribution."

 A number of fund raising groups are calling people asking for donations during the holiday period.

 Secretary of State Cathy Cox is warning that many of these telemarketers keep most of the donations for themselves, giving only pennies on the dollar to the organization named.

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