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Identity Theft ring



December 30, 2002

Albany--  Dougherty County Police are looking for two men they believe are running an identity theft ring in several states. Saturday morning, Dougherty County Police stopped a 2003 Chevrolet Yukon on Mock Road for speeding, and discovered it was stolen.

The investigation led to two men who have been committing identity theft for three years across the nation.

Dougherty County Police believe the two are still in the area, and they ask your help in finding them. The 2003 Chevrolet Yukon Dougherty County Police stopped was stolen from a car dealer in Texas. It led investigators to a hotel room at the Holiday Inn on Dawson Road, where they found evidence of a major league identity theft ring.

Lt. Dennis Dawson said the evidence showed the ring working in "Maryland, California, Georgia, Colorado, Texas, North Carolina...we have seen some stuff with Kentucky."

The believed ringleader goes by the name Dr. John Wesley Robinson, and he has forged drivers licenses from several states, which are excellent fakes. Lt. Dawson said "They are extremely good. You have to look really close at them, and you have to know a lot about the different states and the drivers licenses to know this is a fraudulent drivers license. Because it almost has the integrity seal there."

The other man being sought goes by the name Sam Colvin, Junior. He also had several fake I.D.'s. In the hotel room Investigators found names, addresses, and social security numbers from several people across the nation. Police believe the two hold seminars for a pyramid business called A.C.N., promising to make them rich through de-regulating long distance and utility service.

Lt. Dawson said "Forms where people been giving all their pertinent information to these guys, and there in turn they were using this stuff for their own use."

Investigators seized dozens of fake payroll checks, some made out from the New Light Baptist Church in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. They also found a computer and printer purchased from Wal-Mart, used to print the forged checks.

Investigators arrested two Dougherty County people in connection with the identity theft case. 22 year old Rex Rush , who was driving the stolen car. Also arrested was his 39 year old mother Adrienne Rush, who was charged with a suspended Drivers License.

They also seized a 2003 Trailblazer stolen in Atlanta.

Investigators have talked with Robinson on his cell phone, so they think the two scam artists are still in Albany, trying to flee.

Lt. Dawson said "We have the majority of his luggage, clothes, and operation for his day to day business. So that's slowed him down a little bit." If you have any information on the two wanted for identity theft, please call the Dougherty County Police.

Investigators are sending finger prints taken from the hotel room to the FBI and Secret Service. They don't believe the two are using their real names, so they hope fingerprints will identify them.

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