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Albany businesses may have been front for Lee Co. drug operation

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Monday drug agents say two Albany businesses may be a front for a large drug operation busted last week in Lee County.

Thirty-five year old Marty Boatright was arrested Thursday and charged with possession with intent to deliver. Monday investigators released more about what was found inside his house and why two Albany businesses were also targeted in the raid.

Inside the garage and living area of this Summerfield Drive home investigators found more than 40 pounds of marijuana with a street value of about $150,000, now they're working to determine if drug money was funneled through businesses in Dougherty County.

More than 40 pounds of marijuana, packaged in tight bricks and $15,000 cash in both small and large amounts were pulled from storage bins in the garage and living areas of this Lee County home. Investigators say it was the raid of Bobby Lee Williams home in December of 2007 that lead them to Marty Boatright.

"His information kept coming up so we went from there to investigating him and it lead to this," said Lee County Sheriff Reggie Rachals.

Among the items seized a four-wheelers, motorcycle, two high-end vehicles, and jewelry with individual pieces valued at over three thousand dollars. The bust was the combined effort of both Lee County and ADDU.

"That's what it's all about working together and team work because that's what's going to get our criminals off the street," said Rachals.

In Albany, two businesses, Evolutions shoe store and Platinum Sound both with ties to Boatright were also raided and investigators believe they may hold the key to where the money from his operation was going.

"Those were after documents because we have information that those may be businesses that are used to front or launder to money so that's what we were looking for," said Major Bill Berry, ADDU Commander.

That investigation could take some time, and could lead to more arrests.

"It depends on where the money trail and document trail goes," said Berry.

As investigators poured over one more time what they'd confiscated, Marty Boatright, pounded on the window of his jail cell, obviously upset his possession were put out for show. Neighbors in this area have said this incident has made them pay closer attention to what's happening on their street and say they'll be quick to call law enforcement if they notice anything suspicious.

Because of the dollar amounts found inside the home investigators say Marty Boatright was selling to individual smaller buyers and mid-level dealers.

Boatright remains in the Lee County Jail without bond.


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