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Independence Day turned fatal

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email 

DOUGHERTY COUNTY, GA (WALB) - Independence Day turned fatal in Dougherty County after a three-vehicle collision claimed two lives.

It was a very alarming scene for drivers on Highway 300, near Branch Road just after 1pm Saturday.

45-year-old Janette Norem was killed when she swerved into the northbound lanes on Hwy. 300.

17-year-old Jesse Parker was in an SUV in the oncoming lane and died at the hospital.

At last check, his 16-year-old sister was fighting for her life, she's in critical condition.

The family was headed back to Wisconsin from vacation.

Relatives in another vehicle actually witnessed the accident.

A tractor trailer ended up in the ditch after the wreck.

The driver tried to help the other victims.

"I saw a car coming at us I was side swiped and I end up over here, I didn't really see the big accident. I came out and tried to call 911, the car got hit really bad," said Richard McKine, Truck Driver.

Norem's body was so badly pinned in her pickup truck that authorities couldn't remove her at the scene.

We're told she was headed to Alabama.


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