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Diprivan found in Michael Jackson's home

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Diprivan is powerful sedative and is also known by its generic name Propofol; highly unusual to find outside the ER.

In the Michael Jackson's case investigators say they found the drug in his home.

Palmyra's Emergency room doctor David Kocherla couldn't speak directly about the Michael Jackson case but tells WALB Diprivan is a powerful drug.

"It knocks the patient out within one to two minutes it does not allow them to be unconscious," said Dr. Kocherla.

There are many questions, and drugs are at the center of the probe into the Jackson's death.

It was reported Diprivan, an intravenous anesthetic drug widely used in operating rooms to induce unconsciousness was found in his home.

"The patient doesn't feel anything it's a powerful sedative within seconds the patient becomes unconscious," said Dr. Korcerla.

The drug is meant to be used in hospital settings where patients can be closely monitored for any side effects.

"Those adjustments we monitor it closely to make sure as time progresses the drug is not acclimating in the body," said Dr. Korcerla.

This makes doctors skeptical about using the drug for more than 48 hours.

"We're kind of skeptical about using this because it slowly accumulates in the fat stores of the body and that will be soon toxic," said Dr. Korcerla.

As the investigation continues into Michael Jackson's alleged self medicating habits Dr. Kochelra and others medical professionals find it hard to believe why such a strong drug would be used outside of a hospital.

"Using Propofol for insomnia is sort of like using an elephant gun to hunt a squirrel. There are many great drugs for insomnia, which are safe and effective and you can get from your doctor or from a local pharmacy. This is a drug that is very powerful and should not be used for insomnia under any circumstances," said Dr. Howard Nearman, MD, Anesthesiologist, UH Case Medical Center.


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