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GSP cracks down for New Year's

December 28, 2002

Albany- Officer Kenneth Jones admits he can't catch all impaired drivers and speeders, but he does his best, and on the 31st state patrol officers will try to keep the roadways safe.

"What we're targeting is impaired drivers, reckless drivers out there that's are going to be a danger to other people's lives as well as their own," says Jones.

They will also be watching out for any signs of drunk drivers. GSP radar will be on to catch speeders, like one car Jones pulled over doing 81 in a 65.

He was able to get this car, but Jones says you can help too. Being a defensive driver, wearing a seatbelt, and reporting reckless driving by calling *GSP are just some of the things motorists can do.

Jones says he doesn't mind witting citations if it will prevent him from having to respond to a deadly accident.

The G-S-P will set up random road checks on New Years Eve to catch drivers under the influence. They will also be enforcing seat belt usage as a part of click it or ticket with runs until January 6th.

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