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Terrell County considered a rabies threat county

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Several wild animals in Terrell County have tested positive for rabies and distemper causing a county veterinarian to declare Terrell County a rabies threat county.

A week ago a fox tested positive for distemper and Sunday morning in Graves, a bobcat jumped a fence and attacked two dogs that eventually killed the bobcat. The bobcat tested positive for rabies and consequently the dogs had to be put down. Animal control officials caution anyone who sees nocturnal animals during the day to keep their distance.

"If you see a nocturnal animal outside during the day that's not normal. Even if your own pet acts peculiar if they seem to be disoriented, seem to be dizzy or swaying from side to side anything in an abnormal fashion, beware," said Martha Ann Coe, Terrell County Code Enforcer.

Animal Control Officers in Terrell County have been encouraged to get a preventative shot for rabies, because they've had to handle these animals. They also urge you to have house pets vaccinated for rabies. It is state law and you could be fined up to two-hundred dollars if your pet isn't vaccinated.


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