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Albany Police concerned by firearms thefts

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  In the last week, in three burglaries, 12 guns were stolen from homes in Albany.

Now those guns are on the streets, and police are asking your help finding them, and stopping this flow of weapons into criminals hands.

All the guns stolen are pistols, and police say they fear they could be used in other crimes. Now they are asking you to lock up your guns, to make sure they don't end up in the wrong hands.

Gun ownership in Albany is on the rise, and burglaries and break ins are a constant problem. Police say thieves and burglars are targeting guns, which is a frightening problem for the community.

"There has always been a street market for weapons. That's why we are asking the community that if they happen to see someone on the street selling firearms from a vehicle, call and notify the police department," APD Lt. James Williams said.

Police are also asking gun owners to lock up their guns. Gun safes can run from $60 for a small one, to big ones costing thousands. Gun locks only cost about $10, and are very effective. Police also want you to keep a record of your guns in case they are stolen.

"Make sure the people have the serial number recorded. And go so far as to video record or take photographs of your weapons. And keep a log of your weapons in your home," Williams said.

Police are worried that these stolen guns will end up being used in violent crimes, so they are asking you to make sure your gun is safe even if your house is broken into.

Albany Police say they will help you engrave your name or identifying mark into your gun, just give them a call. They also plan to give away gun locks in the next few weeks, and they will announce those programs when the locks are available.

If you have any information about stolen guns, or someone trying to sell guns, call the Albany Police at 229-431-2100.

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