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South Georgians say after Christmas bills are hard to handle

December 27, 2002

Albany- The smiles you saw at Christmas may slowly be fading, as many people realize they are deeply in debt. Thomas Henderson says he has three credit cards, and he says all three are maxed out. This Christmas he says, since he couldn't use them, he had to use cash.

Financial advisor, Antoine Orr, says many people go wrong by relying on credit cards, instead of relying on the cash in their pockets. Orr is president and CEO of Financial Solutions and Associates, and he says people don't realize there are things you can do to protect your finances.

First, he says you should itemize your bills. Secondly, he says you should consult a financial advisor. Finally, he says you get rid of credit cards you don't need.

Some people are already taking Orr's advice. They say credit cards can be trouble, so when they went shopping, if they didn't have the money, they didn't make the purchase.

Antoine Orr also says when you feel like using your credit card, and you don't have the money, remember, charging doesn't mean the payments will go away.

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