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Clerk snatches gun from robber

December 27, 2002

Albany -- About 9:30 Friday morning, a masked man with a gun tried to rob the One Stop Food Shop on West Oakridge Drive. But the robber got more than he expected, when the store owner fought back.

Store owner P.J. Purani was confronted by a man wearing a black mask, carrying a pistol. He was just robbed two weeks ago. After giving the robber money, Purani noticed the weapon was a B.B. gun. Purani snatches the gun away from the stunned robber, and then chases him from the store.

Purani said "I don't know, it came on my nerves. It was daytime and they came at me. I just grabbed their gun." Purani chased the masked man for two blocks, losing him finally on Evergreen Street.

 Purani said "Oh, yea. I chased him down the road, two blocks. But he ran away in the neighborhood. I realized my store was open, so I just came back."

 Purani has owned the store for four months, and said it's not fair for his money to be taken. "This was not right, because we are working up here. That's what we have been doing. We are working and they just want to try to take the easy money away from us. No, that's not right."

Investigators are searching for the armed robber, and ask you to call them if you have any information. But they also caution other store clerks not to fight back against armed robbers.

 Sgt. Keithen Hall said "We wish that they just go ahead and give the money up. Let the subject go ahead and leave and us follow up on it. Because that situation can be tragic, we could have a tragedy easily."

The armed robber dropped some of the money as he ran, but he did get away with a small amount of cash.

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