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Valdosta kids enjoy holiday camp

December 27, 2002

Valdosta - This has been the best Christmas holidays ever for 10-year-old Taylor Hall. Her school break has been filled with fun at Valdosta's holiday camp  for kids.

"My favorite part is the games, arts and crafts, and just everything," said Hall. "It's been the most fun!"

Taylor's camp mates agree. "We decorated our Christmas tree and went on field trips, and have been having a great time," said Joshua Davis.

They play games, learn Christmas carols, make thank-you cards for their Christmas gifts and even create their own "goofy goo." But the kids aren't the only ones having fun. Camp counselors seem to be enjoying the activities just as much as the youngsters.

"These kids are so much fun, I just love them and they make my job so enjoyable," said Devin Rudd, Camp Counselor.

"We love it, the kids love it, and parents really feel good sending their kids here," said Caterina Orr, Program Organizer.

Kids who have attended the holiday camp before say it gets better and better each year, and first-timers, like Taylor, say they'll spend the rest of their Christmas breaks back at Valdosta's holiday camp.

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