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Bicyclist hit by a truck and killed in Cairo

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CAIRO, GA (WALB) - A deadly hit and run in Grady county Tuesday night. A bicyclist was hit by a truck and killed.

Investigators say 54-year-old Martin Langmaid died when a drunk driver hit him from behind and sped off.

That driver crashed just a mile down the road.  He's in jail now.

Positive, energetic, and full of life. Those were just a few of the words Martin Langmaid's family used to describe him. They didn't want to go on camera, but said he was an avid bike rider who always used caution on the road.

Tuesday, his life was cut short, while he was doing what he loved most.

Just before 6 Tuesday night, a peaceful bicycle ride turned deadly for 54-year-old family man Martin Langmaid.

"We received a call to a vehicular accident with injuries, a rollover," said Grady county investigator Steve Clark.

When  investigators arrived at the intersection of Lower Hawthorne Trail and Hwy 111 they found a truck in a ditch by the roadway. Driver 22-year-old Chaz Gomez had flipped his vehicle.

"The suspect was close by trying to hide," said Lt. Clark.

Investigators say Gomez was drinking. He was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and arrested for a DUI.

Hours later around 10 o'clock, investigators got another call to a residence.

Rosey Langmaid said her husband, Martin Langmaid went out for a bike ride, but never made it home.

"She had not heard from her husband. He should have been home by 7," said Lt. Clark.

Around 11 investigators found Mr. Langmaid's body and bicycle in a ditch off Lower Hawthorne Trail.

Gomez is now charged with vehicular homicide.

After piecing together the information from the two separate calls investigators say Gomez hit Langmaid, likely panicked, and then lost control in a sharp curve, crashing his car in the ditch.

"It appears Gomez came up behind the victim at a high rate," said Lt. Clark.

They believe Mr. Langmaid hit the windshield and died on impact.

"To my understanding this man doesn't drink, doesn't do drugs, but yet he's fallen victim. Now the family is mourning his loss," said Lt. Clark.

Mr. Langmaid had just been to the doctor Tuesday afternoon. He was in perfect health with a long life ahead of him.

He left behind a wife and children in Grady county.

Martin Langmaid lived in Grady county for nearly 30 years. He was an employee at Monrovia Nursery.


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