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Shoppers say day after Christmas returns are not so bad

December 26, 2002

Albany- The Albany Mall was crowded the day after Christmas as customers scurried to return items that didn't fit or items they just didn't like.

Many shoppers say the crowds at the mall were not as bad as they expected. Larry Johnson is a sales associate at Journey's in the mall, and he says while many have predicted poor sales for stores, his store is reaping major benefits.

Journey's isn't the only store with increasing sales. Oxford Street store workers say not many people have come in to return, but more have come in to buy.

One shopper we talked to says she always comes to the mall with a plan after Christmas, so she save time. Christy Wright of Leesburg says she always makes sure she has all of her receipts in hand, so she is organized when she enters the stores to make returns.

But not everyone came to the mall to shop. Some just came to observe and watch others do the work, like Thomas Ferguson. Ferguson says he loves watching people scurry through the mall because it just keeps him in the holiday spirit.

Another year of holiday shopping has almost ended, leaving shoppers and retailers wondering what's in store for next year.

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