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Snapping a football is a family tradition for Jordan

December 26, 2002

 One of the big concerns that Georgia coaches had this summer was who would snap on punts and field goals after the graduation of Andy Hogan.

The job went to Colquitt County's Brian Jordan who is not the only member of his family who knows how to snap a football 15 yards behind the line of scrimmage.

 Jordan turned out to be a big reason that Georgia's junior placekicker Billy Bennett has broken a school and Southeastern Conference record with 116 points and has earned first team All-SEC and third team Associated Press All-American honors this year.

One of the men most responsible for Bennett's record breaking season is his snapper,, Brian Jordan from Colquitt County's Hartsfield community.

 Brian Jordan said "It is just something that is a big part of the team that doesn't get looked at alot. But, it is an integral part that has to get done."

Brian thought that his football days were over after earning four letters and all region honors at Colquitt County High.

But during his first year at Georgia, Jordan discovered he missed football and walked on to the Bulldog football team back in January.

Eight months later, Jordan had won the job of deep snapper.

Something that shouldn't surprise anyone in his family since his older borthers Kent and Mike were also long snappers at North Carolina State and Furman.

Jordan said "I've been snapping since I started plaing football since I was seven or eight years old. My older brothers taught me. They both sanpped in high school and college and they taught me as soon as I could hold a football."

Even though he has been snapping footballs since he was in elementary school, Brian says the adjustment to college football has been very difficult.

Jordan said "In the beginning, field goals were giving me a little trouble with being that accurate- right there--it was giving me a little trouble.  I had to work on it for a while, and working on punts, snapping the football. In high school it was just 13 yards but they move it back to 15 in college and having to block. I actually have to block someone on the line."

Kicker Billy Bennett said "Brian came in and was kind of shaky at first and he really put the work in and really focused and really tried to get the timing down with me and (holder Jonathan) Kilgo. I think once that started clicking, the first part of the season we were flawless."

 Now Brian Jordan is in New Orleans where he is excited about the chance to not only play in the Sugar Bowl but to play the Florida State Seminoles.

 Jordan said "Down there being so close to Tallahassee, down there in Moultrie and watching Florida Sate alot as a kid, this is going to be a great game. I have always wanted to be in a big game like this and just being in the Sugar Bowl with such implications.

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