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Albany All-Stars

By Joey Donia - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Albany American All-Stars have 11 wins and just one loss.

James Hubbard said "We had a tough loss by one point but since then the kids rebounded. Every game since then was pretty much a blowout."

The five and six year olds have captured trophies from three tournaments.

"We're doing some things that have probably never been seen in tee ball. Talk to a lot of people most people think tee ball is just kind of running but these guys are playing really good."

Now the dozen tee ball all stars are getting ready for the biggest tournament of the year.

"Always working on the defense. Because that's pretty much what's won all our games for us. We've got a lot of good bats but our defense is excellent."

On July 10th the All Stars will compete with Georgia's best at the State Tournament.

"These guys pick me up everyday. I come out after work I see the energy in their eyes. I love it they give great breakdowns. I think they get the parents excited they get our crowd excited. I know last week it was 100 plus and these kids were still out here working. So when you have older adults complaining these kids are giving me inspiration to come out and enjoy the game."

In a time where major league baseball is filled with controversy these all-stars are reminding us what America's pastime is all about.

The team is asking for donations to fund it's trip to the State Tournament in Zebulon. The team will also be selling $1.00 raffle tickets to win a $50 gas card. The drawing is on Friday. For more information contact Sheri Hubbert at 229-886-1895. Contributions can be sent to:

American Tee Ball All-Stars

2523 Pheasant Drive

Albany, GA 31707

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