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Valdosta mall floods with holiday shoppers

December 26, 2002

Valdosta - It was move it or lose it Thursday in the crowded walkways of Valdosta's colonial Mall. Shoulder to shoulder, shoppers dashed through the stores to find the season's best deals.

"We're looking for sales and so far, we've found a lot of good ones," said Barbara Fountain.

"We've bought cologne, clothes, and at Belk's they've got some things up to 50 percent off," said Bridgett Gammons.

Gammons spent a large part of her shopping day standing in line, but said fighting the crowd was worth every penny she saved. "I've had to be patient because of the lines but I've saved so much, it hasn't been so bad."

But while most would think the long lines are for returns, store managers said they were surprised.

"We were overstocked with employees, because we thought customers would be returning stuff, but they've just been making purchases instead so we've been using more people on the floors," said Greg Small, Sears Store Manager.

And as the day progressed, the crowds grew even larger, filling the mall with hundreds of shoppers hoping to end an old and start a new year full of savings.

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