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Tornado watcher spots twister in NW Albany



December 24, 2002

A tornado watcher spotted a twister in Northwest Albany at nine Christmas Eve morning. That's where most of the Dougherty County damage is.

Ten homes and an apartment complex were damaged, with one person suffering minor injuries. One homeowner we spoke to says the winds from the storm where some of the worst he has ever seen.

Down the street from WALB's Stuart Avenue studios, a tree was knocked down by the strong winds. Across Northwest Albany, other trees were downed from the storm.

"I heard a snap, could here the wind, it was already howling but got louder and the tree topped off and fell across the road and brushed my truck." In an alleyway near Russell Cates' home off Kennilworth Drive, tree limbs fell into power lines, cutting off electricity for surrounding homes.

A portion of the 2000 block of Robinhood Road flooded. A block down, a tree went through the roof of a home, next door a large tree splintered into bits. On Chapman Drive, just off Westgate, a pine tree in the back yard fell onto the roof of another home.

Farther up Westgate, off Westwood Drive, a trampoline was carried by the winds and flipped over, and tree limbs were down all along the street.

On Byron Plantation Road, strong winds tore down this tree, hitting power lines and falling onto the roof of this home. "I looked out the window and saw a bunch of sparks thought lightening striking, a tree hit the lines sparking up."

There are power outages in most of Northwest Albany and in scattered areas across the city. Water Gas and Light has been working since early this morning restoring power.

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