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Cross country cowboy

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A man known as Joe the cowboy is riding his horse across the country.

He stopped at a Lee County farm this afternoon, as he does in many towns, to help people with their problem horses.

Jen McIntyre has been having some problems with her horses since her husband died, and hasn't been able to get a handle on them.

"I have a horse my since my husband died won't let anyone catch or ride him he's a cutting horse, I have one that's not old enough to be ridden I have one that's owned by my daughter who we can't catch," said Jen McIntyre, ranch owner.

Almost impossible for anyone other than her daughter to catch, Joe Guy is working to change that, all in a day's work as he travels across the country.

"I figure I'd come here and ride across America and promote my book and my album and fix as many problem horses as I can find," said Joe Guy, long rider.

He's from Australia, and rode across that continent fixing horses.

"That's what I do I specialize in fixing the ones no one wants to touch," said Guy.

"I'd like to help as many people as I can to help and fix their problem horses. I've broken six horses since I've started I've worked with 15 problem horses on my way down here," Said Guy

He says he's happy helping horses and loves teaching the owners as much as he can.

"I grew up watching all those western films and this is the home of the cowboy but you have lost who you are and I haven't seen any yet, I hope to find some that will ride with me and we can swap stories," said Guy.

He travels about twenty to thirty miles per day

"How could someone from another country come and care so much about their horses and living the American dream," said McIntyre.

An author and a singer, Guy sleeps on the ground when night falls as he crisscrosses the states.

"Toot your horn when you see me riding down the road say good day and I'm more than happy to say good day to someone have a chat with them and give them my tips," said Guy.

This horse has already learned and within a few minutes was following him around.

He asks for nothing in return.

"Nothing at all he's just here to help us with our problems and help us to live our American while he lives his of helping others," said McIntyre.

"This is where it's at I figure what better place to ride in the world than the home of the cowboy," Said Guy.

Helping horses at almost every stop.

Joe hopes to make it to Savannah through the Carolinas and back to where he started his journey in Tennessee before heading west.

You can follow his journey by clicking here.


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