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Crime pushing calls for burglar bars and security locks

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Crime is costly for businesses and homeowners in Albany.

More people are now trying to protect their property and are installing burglar bars and security locks.

Locksmiths are overloaded with calls and businesses that sell burglar bars have seen an increase in the number of calls.

But, because of the bad economy, most people say they can't afford the security they are looking for.

Ricky Hambric says he gets lots of calls each week at his welding business from home and business owners wanting burglary bars.

Hambric said "They are scared to death. They are scared someone is going to come in and harm them. Of course take their possesions too."

Air conditioner screens are also hot items, because of the recent surge of thefts.

8:08:00 Hambric said "We have quite a few inquiries about them weekly. But because of the economic depression we are in here, people just can't afford them."

An air conditioner frame will run about $500. Bars on windows run about $100 each, so the cost leaves many unable to afford the security they want.

Albany Lock and Safe's David Hall says crime is also driving his business.

Hall said "I work 12 to 14 hours a day, and I can't do everything I need to do."

Hall says most of his customers are businesses, many replacing smashed doors and locks in bold break ins.

Hall said "They figure the Police are not going to respond within 15 minutes. And they can do anything they want in 15 minutes and be gone."

Hall said more businesses are also increasing security locks to prevent thefts by their own employees. Crime is not cheap for a business to prevent, and the entrie community has to pay for it.

Hall said "It cost the consumer's money, because that loss is going to be passed on."

Another financial affect of crime, more tax money is being on law enforcement and prosecution of criminals.

Both the burglar bar maker and the locksmith admit there is no product that will stop a dedicated thief from breaking in, but they say if the deterrent is too much trouble for the thief, they usually will move on to an easier target.


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