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Parents shop for perfect toy

December 23, 2002

Albany- The lines are long and the aisles are full. Just hours before the big day parents are still shopping for Christmas toys.

So how do parents decide on what's appropriate for their children? Do they go by the age on the box, or just buy what's on their kids' lists?

"I don't really look at the age on the box," says Clay Vanlandingham.

"I go somewhat by the age on the box, but that's not always right, so I have to look at the toys and see what kinds of parts are in there," one parent explains.

Video games have become increasing popular this year. Many watchdog groups say even with the ratings labels the games are too violent.

Though they don't buy too many games with violent content, Monica and Roger Williams say they buy what their children ask for because they play the games along with them, and don't leave them unattended.

Most parents seem to agree that picking the perfect toy is a combination of what the kids ask for and using their own judgement, regardless of what the labels read.

All the parents we spoke to say knowing their child's personality and what they like also helps them decide on what to purchase.

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