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Intermodal center would mean many jobs

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CORDELE, GA (WALB) -  A new distribution center in Crisp County is expected to bring thousands of jobs to South Georgia. 

Cordele will become the new home of an Intermodal Logistics Center. The center will basically serve as an inland port for the Port of Savannah.   Thousands of pounds of cargo will go through Cordele and be shipped all over the Southeast.  

Acres of farmland along Cape and Old Penia Roads will soon become a major distribution center in Georgia, bringing development to Crisp and surrounding counties.

"We anticipate in the first year about 500 jobs and within a five year period somewhere between 2,500 to 3,000 jobs," said IDC Executive Director Bruce Drennan.  

The Cordele Intermodal Logistics Center will basically serve as an inland port. "We'll bring containers from the port of Savannah to Cordele by rail for redistribution by truck to areas West, South, and Southwest of Cordele about 300 miles," said Drennan.

Interstate 75 and Cordele's access to several railroads make the city ideal for the center. "We've got three railroads to go through here, We have Norfolk, CSX, and Shortline Railroad, the Heart of Georgia and a railroad that runs directly to Savannah."

The center is modeled after an Intermodal Center in Warren County, Virginia serving the Port in Norfolk. "They started 12 years ago and they now have about 13,000 jobs directly related to that port. The new center will bring cheaper shipping to Savannah. Four containers shipped to Savannah by rail will cost same as sending one container by truck.

"The next step is to buy the property. We have some grants in the works to do that. And we anticipate shipping out of here in the first quarter of 2010."

Construction will begin with 100 acres and have the ability to grow to 1,800 acres. "What it's going to do for us is primarily is warehousing, distribution type jobs, distribution."

And this is good news at time when thousands are without work in South Georgia.   The Industrial Development Council says construction for the Cordele Intermodal Logistics Center will start sometime in October or November.

      • Click HERE to see an aerial map of the proposed facility

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