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'Dog Shack' started to teach a lesson

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  The mother of a drug suspect who was killed in a crash when he led police on a high-speed chase wants to end the cycle of crime for the next generation.

Two years ago Saturday, Bobby Jones crashed head-on into 21-year-old Billy Klewitz's car on Old Leesburg Road killing them both.

Jones' family is opening a hot dog shop in his honor, but they say they hope it sends a message that drug dealers shouldn't be idolized.

It will be a few more weeks before BJ's Dog Shack opens, but this is more than just another hot dog stand, it's a part of the healing process for Jones' family and something they hope might show others why drugs are a dead end street.

A high speed chase through downtown Albany isn't how Delinda Bryant wants her grandchildren to remember their father.

"I wanted something positive to come out of a negative situation and let everyone know you can change things," Bryant said.

Those changes start with this hot dog shack, in memory of Bobby Jones. While he never had a job, this will mean jobs for Jones' family and his teenage children.

"Drugs, when you got drugs, you got crime, ain't no way around it so this is our way of showing okay we're no longer participating with the crime."

Jones' sister, Shantisa Brown, will run the shop. They hope to show while drugs can be fast cash, nothing good happens overnight, it's taken the family a year and a half to get here.

"They see these people selling drugs and they've got these good cars and nice cars and stuff and they want the same thing, we're just trying to make sure drug is not an option," Brown said.

"I hope that we can talk to them and let them know this was a young man who was considered a drug dealer by law officials but that was my son, that was my first born son and if you look at the way the drug dealers dress, it's nothing to look up to and what you need to do is find a way and not necessarily work for somebody else, maybe you have a talent put your focus on that talent," said Bryant.

They call drugs a no win situation with no future. While the family can't change the past, they hope to alter the future of those who walk through their door.

"This way here will let people know there is a way to be successful, without crime, without violence, there's a lot of thing you can do," said Bryant.

The family has a few more inspections to go before they'll open the doors, but they're excited about this new venture and are considering other locations around Albany and the state.

The family will hold a memorial and building dedication Sunday at three at the B J's Dog Shack location in the Shackleford Shopping Center.


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