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What's for Christmas dinner?

December 23, 2002

Albany- The countdown is on and the groceries stores are full. South Georgians are stocking up on food for the Christmas feasts. So what's on everyone's menu? Greens.

Many people agree greens are going to be on the table. We know the demand is high, but what about the supply.

Albert Law, Harvey's produce manager says they have a good supply of collard and mustard greens, but his supplier says he can't find any turnip greens.

But we found some. If you want turnip greens, go to the corner of Gordon and Slappey, Walter Henderson, or The Green Man has you covered.

"I've been growing them since 1991," he says.

Henderson specializes in greens and says now is the time to buy.

"We've been selling them to Florida and Alabama and places like that, and they come and get a truck load of them," explains Henderson.

He says everybody is heading to Georgia to buy greens, because they grow in rich soil which makes them taste even better.

So, if you haven't gotten them yet and you want the leafy vegetable on your Christmas plate you better get them while you can.

If you can't get any greens for you Christmas dinner, be sure to stock up for New Year's. Many people say they if you eat them on the January 1st they will bring you money.

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