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Couple rescued from burning car

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - An elderly couple in Seminole County are counting their blessings.

Wednesday, their car broke down then burst into flames on the side of a highway in Bainbridge.

They made it out okay thanks to a few selfless witnesses who came to their rescue.

Sitting inside the car that sent black smoke and flames into the sky Wednesday afternoon was Bud and Lila Youmans.

Thursday the couple sat around their kitchen table with their daughter, remembering the frightening experience.

"I first noticed a little flame. Then it got so big so quick," said 89-year-old Lila Youmans.

"I didn't have time to get scared. I was just trying to get her out," said husband, 84-year-old Bud Youmans.

The Youmans were on their way back to Iron City from Bainbridge on Hwy 84 when their car died. They pulled over in some tall grass and called their daughter for help.

"While I was talking to her I realized the grass was on fire," said Mr. Youmans.

Seconds later, the car caught fire.

"It was hot!" said Mrs. Youmans. "I knew I had to get out."

But 89-year-old Lila Youman is paralyzed.

"I pushed the door and rolled out into the grass and rolled again," she said.

Then, the gas tank exploded. "We couldn't get her into the wheelchair," said Mr. Youmans.

That's when driver Lewis Maynard from Atlanta pulled over his semi to help. He picked Mrs. Youman up and carried her away from the burning car to safety. Other drivers stopped too, doing what they could to help, despite the growing inferno.

"People were coming up all around. It's a revelation to know how much people do care anymore," said Bud Youmans.

"We thank the good Lord for getting us through yesterday," he said.

But they didn't make it out without a few battle wounds.

"The skin got torn there, her skin is really thin," said Mr. Youmans holding his wife's wrapped up arm.

The fire even scorched her hair. But it's nothing a pair of scissors can't fix.

"Tomorrow's beauty parlor day," said Mr. Youmans laughing. "Everything will stop for beauty parlor day!"

Another day the Youmans will get to spend together. Because of what they call a miracle, and a couple of good samaritans.

Officials say the high heat and dry grass played a factor in the fire.

When the Youmans pulled their car over, the catalytic converter under the car was hot and ignited the grass.

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