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10 Country: Dwight’s Long Christmas

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December 24, 2002

Tift County--  Some people think the Christmas seasons lasts entirely too long even though we had one fewer week between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

Many people would be red with envy if they had all the poinsettias Dwight Knight has. “This year, I have 1,700,” says Poinsettia Producer Dwight Knight. “They are thirsty. They love fertilizer.”

Much like having 1,700 new borns in a nursery. Each flower gets individual attention, with its own watering tube with fertilizer.

His Christmas babies were delivered in August as cuttings six inches long, when many people hadn’t thought about Christmas, and his excitement began. “You watch it grow and get a little larger,” says Knight. “You watch it expanding and the color changes.”

Much like a proud father watching his children grow up. “You can keep them looking beautiful if you will look after them.”

But most people don’t know how to keep them healthy. “You’ve got to have enough light to maintain that green color.”

Light. They grew up with plenty of it, and still need plenty of light when they go home. “Even if you put it in a dining room or living room, don’t have the drapes drawn and a dark room.”

The popular Christmas plant originally came from South of the border. “We can thank ambassador, colonial Poinsett who saw them growing everywhere in Mexico and brought them to the United States.

Now, we have white and pink ones to go along with the popular red color. Dwight Knight’s Christmas plants grow up fast and spread joy-- a joy he receives long before we get it.

The poinsettia grower says that if you push your finger in the soil to see if it has dried out, you could get a false indication. That’s why he recommends picking up the whole flower pot and checking its weight.

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