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Valdosta families get new homes for the holidays

^Nikita Baptiste ^Nikita Baptiste



December 23, 2002

Valdosta - After years of living in a small, crowded house, the day Nikita Baptiste has been anxiously awaiting is finally here. As she signs the closing papers, a brand new home is hers.

"I'm just so thankful that all these volunteers came out to help build my home, and I'll finally have a home of my own," said Baptiste.

Nikita and her three children are moving into a four bedroom, two bath home on Cypress Street, where they'll spend an unforgettable Christmas.

"This is truly a blessing, and I couldn't be more excited," said Baptiste. "My children are so glad they'll have a yard to play in and a bedroom of their own."

With Christmas lights and a big, beautiful tree already up, Nikita says her new home is the best present she and her children could ever ask for.

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