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Locking car doors could prevent many crimes

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Dougherty County Police are investigating a series of car break-ins in neighborhoods along Old Dawson Road and Gillionville Road. Police say all the cars were left unlocked in people's driveways.

Investigators in Albany and Lee County say they're also seeing their share of thieves stealing items out of unlocked cars.

Seven thefts from cars left unlocked in people's driveways and carports along Crofton and Quail Hollow Road. One of those victims was William Carswell.

 "It's an insulting, violating act. A person feels violated," said William Carswell, whose car was broken into. 

Carswell's wife had her IPOD and GPS system taken. Dougherty County Police say the thieves probably passed by cars with locked doors, instead hitting the simplest targets.

 "They are looking for an easy score, and high value items are just sitting there," said Dougherty County Police Captain Jimmy Sexton.

The thieves seem to have also zeroed in on cars that had a variety items sitting out in the open, where they could be seen.

 "High value purses, high value electronic items. In one case prescription medication," Sexton said.

Police say your best defense is to lock your car doors and hide your valuables, even in your own driveway. "This is sad. That's unfortunate that we live in that kind of world. But we do," Sexton said.

Carswell said he and his neighbors are taking those steps and more. "You keep a lookout. I know a number of people in the neighborhood are worried about it."

Carswell said he will lock his doors, but wants County leaders to put more tax money into law enforcement and fighting crime.

If you have any information about the thefts in Northwest Dougherty County, call Dougherty County Police at 229-430-6600.

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