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Relieved mother appreciates citizen help

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A good Samaritan and Albany Fire crews rescued three men trapped in the middle of the Flint River Tuesday.

 The cousins were fishing and having a good time when the water level began to rise and they couldn't get back to the bank. Help came, and now they are safe with their families.

Yesterday's rescue was a frightening experience for the men involved and a nerve-wracking scene for their families.

"Imagine what the outcome would have been. I'm just so grateful, so thankful. I'm just grateful," Virginia Grant said.

Grant was home sick from work when she got a phone call from her daughter that made her feel even worse.

"My daughter was telling me, she said, 'Momma, it's breaking news!' I said, this child, okay, he always said he wanted to be on the news, but not breaking news."

Her 20-year-old son Monterio Grant, who she calls Jake, was stranded in the middle of the fast-moving Flint on a rock with his cousin Corey McDonald. They had to be rescued by boat. Firefighters threw out a rope to help 29-year old Michael Mosley to shore. All because a man who saw them struggle, called out for help.

"The water started rising, pretty quick and they didn't get back across where they came across at to get to the back so we had to go out and rescue then with the boat,"  said Albany Firefighter Ricky Thompson.

Because crossing the swift current safely was never really an option. "It's just too strong. It will sweep you away and you can't swim against it."

And if they had tried, Virginia says she knows the outcome could have been much different. "I could have been preparing for a funeral instead of a Thanksgiving."

Of course, that is sadly what happened last year when two boys wandered off from the fountains. One of them drowned as did a 23-year-old who tried to save them.

The county is currently accepting bids for a fence around the fountains, but there are no plans to place a fence down by the river.

Experts say you shouldn't fish or wade into the river alone... And it's a good idea to wear a life vest even if you're a good swimmer because currents can be fast and unpredictable.

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